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 Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20

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well, at least it's better than meh
well, at least it's better than meh

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PostSubject: Re: Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20   Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:02 am

Forgive me for the late responses of my previous posts as I have been going AFK a lot this evening right after posting and do not tend to refresh the page to observe any new responses.

If the poll is to be added, I believe it is best to get as much feed back as possible by also including it on other popular manga sites such as MangaFox, etc - As a precaution for readers that only visit those sites but hardly/never the scanlation site it came from.

Thank you for the replies and so forth, Looking forward to the next chapter release from Xscan.
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u know? Spam is a crime...
u know? Spam is a crime...

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PostSubject: Re: Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20   Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:24 am

I posted a link to the poll on mangafox already, hopefully people will take the time to come over here. If I get no response in 2 days, I'll post a poll on mangafox directly.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your concerns. Most fans don't take the time to do it and we never know what people think xD

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Tran Linh
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Trollin' the forums since 1981

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PostSubject: Re: Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20   Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:37 pm

kantori wrote:
I was curious to know if it was agreed upon to translate the Japanese sound effects into English? Not to sound disrespectful, I like many couldn't wait to read more of Oreimo and grabbed AzakuraHimes ver. It could cut down on time it takes translating it, re-inking (whatever it is called). For myself I prefer to just leave it as I believe there's a webpage that has Japanese sound effects available I might be wrong though

The latest chapters of 18~20 had a chance to compare XscansX with Azakura and I kinda like their version better BUT that's mainly due to it having the least bit of the original Japanese manga intact.

Example: Chpt 18 XscanX Aza
Chapter 20, Is nice since XscansX left the Japanese pg 21/22 and here and there around this chapter and previous, hope this practice is best left untouched but that's my opinion/preference.

-edit- Any way to keep the sideline untouched? I noticed that as well between Aza which left em at times untranslated and some translated while Xscan ver are completely cut off, May I ask why it was cut off or was that how it was from the RAW source?

Missing Scans from Chapter 20 released by AzakuraHime: 06, 05, 04, 03, 02 - Perhaps if you guys at XscansX can get Aza's permission to include them in a v2 re-release of Chpt. 20, would be a shame for fans to miss out this pages.
I was about to rage so hard since I was a bit stressed lately thanks to two Chinese girls.
Well, FYI,
Chapter 18, that page, might I ask that if you've already known Japanese, right? Ibet you do, since you understand that Japanese letter. But how many English speaking people would understand THAT if we don't translate it? You don't like it, but there are people who don't know Japanese like you or me, so how do they deal with it? It's not even a SFX. And might I ask that had you never known Japanese, would you understand that page? That page NEEDS cleaning is my personal opinion. But again, someone would like to keep the art intact, so then we can just put the sfx on the margin. So it will be good, right?

Those "missing scan" of yours were scanned way months ago by us. I don't know why but the cover pages were all include in the first version release. For some reason I don't understand, those pages were lost in the newest version. However, I believe there were people talking about how nice the cover it was when we first upload the chapter 15:
Look at the post #68.
anyways, we uploaded those pages ages ago...I don't know why those pages are missing in the version 2, but I will reupload it together with the newer chapter.

Those pages are the cover of vol 3. It should be at the beginning of vol 3 or chapter 15 like we did with the first version. Putting it at chapter 20 (ending of vol 3) is just unreasonable. We don't need permission for that, nor we intend to do that. You should check your information better.

The sideline is NOT available in the official Volume's release.

I agree completely with your opinion about page 21, 22 Chapter 20. Heck, page 21 took me like 2 hours just to figures out what it meant...hm...even my Japanese mates couldn't make out a meaning for those words. But basing on his word, I got to the conclusion, and when I finally understood that I've wasted 2 hours for several sfx like that, I raged.
But don't be offended by my trash talk, feel free to ignore it, i'm just too stressed. Sorry if I offended you. You opinion is much appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20   Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:01 am

thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20   Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:49 pm

if in the raw have hiragana on the top of kanji , maybe i know that words Smile)
hard to translate kanji
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PostSubject: Re: Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20   

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Ore No Imouto chapter 18-19-20

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