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 A Guide To Cleaning

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A Guide To Cleaning Empty
PostSubject: A Guide To Cleaning   A Guide To Cleaning EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 3:57 am

I. Intro

Okay... to start off first....
I just started learning at using photoshop, but learned a lot.
YOU NEED PHOTOSHOP OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING!!! tongue (or at least something similar like gimp)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable
Torrent: http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/182534645/photoshop+cs5?tab=summary
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Full Install (with mirrors)
Meh... just go to this site and register, and download from this topic

Same as that site

As for Topaz Denoise, it cannot be used in grayscale so use it after finish with clean
Well... heres the download anyways...
Topaz Tools
II. Tools

The tools used to clean the manga in picture form (very self-explanatory, I love it Very Happy ):
Alternatively, you can hold ALT and click to change tools faster.
Also, these are the shortcuts:
Hover over the image too see the shortcut keys...

III. Steps
Before cleaning, make sure to set it to GRAYSCALE, Image->Mode->Grayscale. SC = keyboard shortcut
(there is no certain order, however, all steps are PREFERRED, burning the page should be done before duplicating the page)
Also, this is just a 101 basic cleaning. There are multiple methods out there, but I just chose this way. More is explained below in the "Main Resource".

  1. First open up the picture with photoshop. (ofc)

  2. Resize, rotate the image to preferred size (SC: ALT + CTRL + I)(standard size is usually width:1000 height:1400 or 1000x1400 in pixels)

  3. Level the page (SC: CTRL + L) (Refer to main resource for more info)

  4. Erase all the text in bubbles (can be done by multiple tools like brush, eraser, marquee)

  5. Any other methods of redrawing are done (e.g. redrawing out of box sfx, adding borders, etc.)
    Redrawing is done multiple ways by using the Clone Stamp tool, Brush tool, Magic Wand or Lasso tool, Healing Brush tool, and Pen Tool.

  6. Burn the page, DO NOT BURN GRAYS (for speed burns, first use the wand or lasso tool, then Select->Modify->Contract->2)

  7. Filter page (if HQ raw, not required for filtering)(for the sake of this guide, I used the senbonzakura's method of cleaning and still works great w/o topaz denoise) Alternatively, Topaz Denoise the page.

First off, duplicate the kinda cleaned page (leveled, redrawn, etc.) or "Background" 3 times (layers by default at bottom left corner).
Second, select the first dup. page, change to "Multiply", change "Opacity" to 50%, then Filter->Stylize->Diffuse-->Ansiotropic--->OK.
Third, select the second dup. page, change to "Soft Light", then Filter->Other->High Pass--->15 px-->OK, and also Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur--->1-4 px-->OK. (usually use 2.5)
Fourth, merge the second dup. page down to third dup. page
Fifth, save... and thats it (simplified form of what the senbonzakura site has)

IV. Tests and Practices
Compiled of some raws that already were released to the public.

Test or Practice 1 ---> clean and notice the differences (PRACTICE ONLY)
Test or Practice 2 ---> redraw pages (PROPERTY OF THE DEMON) (THIS IS PRETTY MUCH THE TEST)

Still adding more soon...

V. Main Resource

http://senbonzakura.kageyoshi.net/ --> VERY useful site and learned here the most

VI. Other Resources

Redrawing Tutorial
NOTE: I was just saying stuff that was on my mind at that time... hopefully this helped you
Well... I chose speed lines since its easier to see the difference,
also... incorporate THE WHOLE DOUBLE PAGE not just this certain section
this is just to give a visual of what your supposed to do

also, missed a few stuff...
when its the trial and error thing... try undoing everything back to the layers(ctrl+alt+z)
when its moving the pages... the shortcut for it "V" or move tool (cursor+directional arrows)

Full Cleaning Tutorial
Covers all you need to know
also forgot one thing, for our sake the image resolution is big so you need to resize it
CTRL+ALT+I, and then change the height and width to your preferences..