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 How to edit Sun Ken Rock

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PostSubject: How to edit Sun Ken Rock   Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:11 pm

Cleaning :

First, let’s create the 2 action that we use on each page:

For the image size:
1. action > create new action > name: ‘’resize 1400px’’ > record
2. image menu > image size > height: ‘’1400 pixel’’ with constrain proportion
3. stop playing/recording

For leveling:
1. action > create new action > name: ‘levels’’ > record
2. Make a copy of the raw background – right click on the Background Layer and choose to duplicate it. Do your leveling on this copy so that you can always go back and try again.
3. Make sure the Mode is set to Grayscale. Go to the Image menu at the top, go to Mode, choose Grayscale (don’t flatten).
4. From the same Image menu, go Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color. Set Fuzziness to 80, Lightness to 100 and click the dot-button for Image. Your cursor will now appear as a dropper tool so just click anywhere on the page where it should be white. Click OK. The page should appear very washed out now.
5. Now we level. Set the white to 250, but don’t move the black slider yet.
6. Duplicate this leveled layer. Set the copy to 50% opacity and set mode to Multiply (on the Layers window, where it usually says “Normal,” open the drop down menu and choose “Multiply.”)
7. Go under Filters -> Stylize -> Diffuse. Choose anisotropic and click ok.
8. Now level your blacks, set to 50 on both leveled layer.
9. adjust the cursor for the white to set it on the left bootm of the peak on the first level layer.

Now, let's start the cleaning work:
1. play the "levels" action.
2. ruler tool (I), choose a straight line supposed to be horizontal (top or bottom of a wide panel, the page's top). Select a point of it at the extrem left and drag till the extrem right of that line. Remember the value shown for adjustement on the menu,
eg: "X: 400 ; Y:500 ; W:2000 ; H: -10 ; A: 0,2 ; L1: 2000 ; L2"
3. Select your background copy, than do "free transform" in the edit menu (ctrl+t). Enter the value found with the ruler tool in the rotate space (5th space from the left) and then apply.
4. crop the page using the rectangular marquee tool (M) on the 3 side, don't crop the side where the page was joined as a tank.
5. burn the black using the burn tool (O). the hairs and suit are mainly what's need to be burned.
6. remove the text inside bubble using the brush tool (B) with white color. remove the scan artefact (things that appeared during scanning but aren't part of the art) if you find some.
7. the clone tool (S) and the pen tool (P) are mainly used when removing/redrawing text outside bubble (when covering art). thought waiting for the TS to be done can make things easier.
8. once that's all done, play the "resize 1400px" action.
9. choose the rectangular marquee tool (M) and change "style" to "fixed size = width: 980px and height: 1400px". Look where the page was relied to the tank and align the selectio to the right or left according to it. And then crop. Do not do that step (9) if the page is part of a joint redraw.
10. save as ".PSD"

For the Typesetting
Normal speech: Wild Words, 2px constant size
Normal speech, statement: Wild Words Bold, 2px size. Look at the raws (or just the original layer) to know when they are.
Normal speech, foreign language: Wild Words Italic, 2px size.
Talking in pain/crying: Wahroonga, usually 2px size.
Shouting "amically" : Wild World Bold, 2.5+ size.
Shouting: YellowJacket.
Extreme shouting: Mouthbreather BB.
Evil: Edo SZ.
Sounds made by being hit/afraid: Another.
Thought : Wild Words Italic, 2px.
T/N: Arial Bold, 2px.
Location: Arial Bold.
Ouside of bubble: font used + stroke.
Girl trying to seduce: Kid Kosmic.

Center the text in the buble, be it from the side or from the top.
Try to avoid "cut" word (Ex- ample)

font pack needed for SKR TSing : mediafire.com ?eybarm5yo8j0pda
pack for credit page : mediafire.com ?2ctg8cart30q305

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PostSubject: Re: How to edit Sun Ken Rock   Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:10 am

*Look at the OP*
Phew, thanks goodness i am not the one editing this.

I don't have pet peeve. I only have major psychotic hatred.
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How to edit Sun Ken Rock

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